Now, I could go on for hours about the meaning of everything in this picture.  But all you really need to know is everything is about time - the concept; the results; the negatives.  This is a brother to "Horizon".  I went even further into detail, despite taking a shorter time to complete.
Time is essentially a god; and everything is a slave to it. Time can destroy, time can grow, and time can uncover. It is always present, and always ruling.

The clock-god rests in these ticking shores. Chained to this is a demon of sorts, with a seemingly broken halo atop its head (indicating it once being an angel; proving the point that time can uncover). On the left you have the swirling flowers, weeds, and vines, showing the growing capabilities of time. And at the top, you see the clouds, all falling because of the setting sun... Like "Horizon"... 

Now... this is where things get confusing.
"Horizon" is a picture of a sunset, flowing into dreams. That's all dependent on... "Time". Which is why they connect. Flow right into each other - "Horizon" on the right, "Time" on the left.
They connect. So... the horizon is dependent on the concept of time.

This is Horizon and Time pictured next to each other.

This is Horizon and Time pictured next to each other.

Thus ends the second entry to this certain collection.