The Bane Of A Dream



An expansion on "Nightmare Waters", "The Bane Of A Dream" tells the story of a boy in the middle of the ocean, on a canoe.  The ocean is creepy no matter what you're on - let alone a small canoe.

He is stranded here, with nothing to do except write.  So, that's what he does - he writes of everything portrayed in his dreams (as he has no idea what life elsewhere is like).

The waters are always calm, until one day when a thrashing hurricane arises.  Nearly swallowing him whole, the storm blows away his papers - his entire life's work, gone.  But he is still alive, and conscious through all the suffering and beating.

Which is why he cries bloody tears.


I wanted to make the boy + canoe sort of bleak and grey, but still have a bit of vividness.  Then, with the water + sky, I wanted very bright and dark colors, adding a sort of drama to the situation.

This art project took a long time to finish.  First, I drew the outline of the boy on the canoe (an hour).  Then, the ocean (fifteen minutes).  And finally, uploaded it to the computer and colored it in (about six hours).

In total, this piece took a little over seven hours to complete.