This is my child... Snoo.

"Snoo" was drawn one night after dinner.  I had just found out about Thomas Kinkade, the artist of light.  I thought, "This artist is known for something... I kinda want to be known for something - my own style."  And thus, the inspiration to paint/draw something creepy (yet again) was sparked.

I want to be known as an artist of creepiness and uniqueness.  And, thankfully, I am becoming that to my peers.  Many comments such as, "What is going on in your head when you draw this?" come up, and they fuel me!  (to answer that question) What was going on in my head was the usual - music, girls, video games, movies, art.  :)

Being unique and original is one of my number one priorities.

Snoo took about 2 and a half hours to paint.  The name was inspired by some lyrics I heard in a song (no, they were not singing about "snoo", it was a few words combined/slurred together).