Mayavalet Ninloom




Ava Adore

Let Down



An oil painting, inspired by the songs I use to describe a day of my life.

"Mayonaise" -  Due to it's lyrics, regarding bits and pieces of the day spent subtly falling in love with people, (whether it be a friend, family member, or girl), but never having that love actually bloom into anything and move beyond the point of a subtle subconscious feeling.  (Regarding the sound and movement of the song:  It starts off really slowly and beautiful, quietly building up, until the distorted lead guitar blows out every other sound - like I'm unwillingly being plunged into the day.)


"Ava Adore" - Once again because of the lyrics, about never letting something terrible inside you go.  A nasty thing that keeps evolving into something bigger and more substantial - yet, in a weird way, despite it's horror - it's a beautiful thing that you just can't live without.  (A creepy dream-poppy flow of a great arrangement of sounds accompanies the grungy lyrics - something I can associate with myself very much.)


"Let Down" - Is just about being let down - something bad always happens everyday, and you've just gotta live with it.  Sure, good things happen - but not as frequent.  (Despite it's depressing meaning, the song sounds incredibly cheerful - like the depression is disguised in the beauty of every day).


"1979" - Is basically the naivety of adolescence, shoving off the feeling of being let down, and pushing through it, continuing to grow and grow up.  It's about making mistakes, not caring about the future, living in the moment - all the things that run through a teenager's mind.  Yet it's somehow justified, due to the powerful lyrics.  (I, of course, am a teen.  And I relate to this song on such a high level.  I placed this one at the end of the 5 because, at the end of the day, no matter what's happened, I am a teen.  That fact can provide reasoning to all my decisions I've made throughout the day.)


"Loomer" - Because of it's trance sound.  Because at the end of everyday, there's this peace and silence that envelops my mind.  I can be alone, (though I've pretty much felt alone all day), yet I can justify it.  I can be alone, by myself, and actually love it.  (The end of a day feels like a dream to me, as does this song.  Which is why it concludes this list.)