In The Dark, The Winds Whirl



"Now we are going to paint a sand castle with a beautiful sunset, class," announced my art teacher.  I replied with, "Can I make my castle completely destroyed and have the sky be a sickly green color and stormy?"  As you can see, she let me do that.  And it turned out pretty well!

It was quite difficult to create the sickly green color of the sky, combining dark green, light green, yellow, and white.  It turned out in the end, though.  The castle was very enjoyable to paint, working with blacks, grays, and browns.  It was fun making the water, having it reflect the shiny sky.

As you can see, I painted a giant water spout, swirling between the sky and sea.  I also painted the castle upon a sort of cliff, with a series of steps leading out to it.

In total, this took about 6 hours to paint.  It was very enjoyable!