Taking almost two weeks and over 20 hours of drawing, and emptying almost an entire pen-full of ink, I finally completed this ambitious project!

The story is this - what if you could be at the horizon? (In reality, the horizon isn't an actual place you can be, rather the never ending point at which the land and sky meet). But what if you could be there? And, of all times, during a sunset? Well, this is what it would look like.

The sky is whirling and apocalyptic, the sun sets into an ocean. From there, it flows into this other world (which is the world of dreams) to become the light/life for that world (as we sleep during the night and join it there).

I finished it, and immediately thought, "Well... now what do I do with my life?"

It took so long, and I got more and more anxious the more I worked on it. But now it's done, and I can rest.