Curae (A Science-Fiction Love Story)

4/5/2018 — AWARD WINNING


To celebrate the one year anniversary of "Horizon," I created this piece.  Instead of indulging in my affinity to fantasy subjects, I chose to follow the path of science-fiction, (after being inspired by a book on the story of Pink Floyd).

A lot of people ask me where I get my ideas - some of the time, they are inspired by song lyrics, movies and simple theological questions and thoughts.  But most of the time, it's just this:  It comes as I go.  I sit down with pen and paper, and something just reveals itself.  I wasn't entirely sure what this piece was until I was about 80% done with it, (at which point I had a vague idea).  I started with a watery horizon line, which was at one point located under the flying saucer on the left hand side.  From there I formed a sort of encasing liquid substance surrounding the center, leaving it open.  I sketched out a few ideas for some kind of centerpiece, and decided to go with a concept I've been subconsciously developing for a few months, (nothing more than an 'explosive love story').

Holding a heart of love and care,
With lava strike solos and smoking air,
Fallen from above,
Explodes melting love,
Disrupting the vanity of who knows where.

Heartbeat drums and space isolation,
Could not keep the fall of desperation,
Be it explosive and alive,
A journey to arrive,
Into a billow of wounding desolation.


This piece won the People’s Choice Award for 2D art at the All For Art show at Anoka Ramsey Community College in the Spring of 2019.