Best friends for 17 years.  Basically brothers, we grew up together - spent every moment we could together.  There was nothing more important than spending time with each other.  Best friends, and forever at that.

Unfortunately, due to the frustration which deludes the greatness life has to offer, we began to cross each other a lot as we got older - getting comfortably upset and unfiltered with one another.  This led to argument after argument, until finally, we thought it best to go our separate ways and disassociate ourselves with one another.

After six months of almost no contact - we thankfully made things right - and haven't been closer than we are now.

This painting represents exactly that.  The foreground (bottom bit, closest to you) is burnt - all browned and yellowed.  But the grass grew strong thereafter - and just over this hill, there seems to be an endless horizon, illustrating...

A friendship that won't die, no matter how badly wounded.


Painted with oil paints in under an hour, (on my porch where the mosquitoes felt free to fly into and die in my paints).