Well, hello.

My name is Zachary McLellan.

And I love art.  All kinds of art, really.  Drawing, painting, writing.  And I love sharing my art with every open eye.

But, the best part isn't creating it.  It's not the final finished piece.

My favorite part about what I make doesn't have anything to do with the art in and of itself.  It's seeing how people react to it, interpret it in their own way, and find a meaning I didn't initially intend there to be.  Other people find what I create without me even knowing I created it, in that sense.  That is the best part.

My dream is to one day travel the world, leaving art in obscure places, or just giving it off to anyone on the street.  I, personally, despise the notion of selling my art - because it then becomes a business - a passionless currency driven system.  And that's not what I want my art to be.


Also, I love music.  I can't create melodies worth butt - but listening - I love listening to music.  All kinds of different music, (but mostly, anything with a very distorted guitar... so, 90's).  My favorite band is the Smashing Pumpkins, (saw them on tour in St. Paul).  Some of my other favorites would be Radiohead, Weezer, My Bloody Valentine, Bjork, and Pink Floyd.  Some of my other passions include hiking, (throughout the world which I believe was brilliantly created), writing amateur poetry, watching movies, and spending time with those that I love.  


Currently, (as of mid 2018), I am 17 years old and attending Anoka-Ramsey Community College for PSEO in my senior year of high school.  I don't own a smartphone, (nor will I for a long time, if ever).  I just don't like the notion of such a life consuming inanimate object - it frightens me.

I look forward to my future, which I know will be filled with artful insight.

Thank you for reading, and thanks for coming to my site!